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Peter C Berkman
Peter C Berkman
Enterprise Architect

Peter Berkman is the founder of Corner Grove.

Mr. Berkman is a technology veteran with over 25 years of both technical and operating experience in bringing leading-edge software products to market. He has played key roles in developing, shipping, and implementing products at Delphi Information Systems, Microsoft, SeeBeyond, Imperial Technology, and Sun Microsystems in positions ranging from engineering and research to product services and implementation best practices. He holds various patents in the enterprise integration space.

At Sun/SeeBeyond, Mr. Berkman led a development team responsible for designing, developing, and taking to market the most advanced products in the application integration space.  In addition to his senior position in research and development, Mr. Berkman was recently Senior Director of the SeeBeyond Solutions Development Centre, an organization that has overall customer satisfaction responsibilities for product delivery and implementation.  Mr. Berkman’s contributions in research, development, best practice cultivation, and advanced technology implementation have established him as a prominent leader in his field.

Prior to SeeBeyond, Mr. Berkman held a technical leadership position within Microsoft’s Windows NT Security Group.  Before joining Microsoft, he held various senior leadership positions at Delphi Information Systems, Windsor Marketing Group, and YAFA Import/Export Company.

Mr. Berkman holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science with a second major in Managerial Accounting from the DeVry University in California.

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