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Open Source Services for B2B, MDM, Mural, GlassFishESB/OpenESB,

  • Complete support  (subscription or retainer based)
  • Enhancements to components with full support
  • New Components with full support [e.g., Binding Components (BC), Service Engines (SE), Java Connector Architectures (JCA)]

Implementation Services

  • From inception to post production support
  • Suites: DataGate 3.x, TRE (Table Runtime Environment), eGate 4.X, SRE (Schema Runtime Environment), Java CAPS, Open ESB, and Glassfish ESB
  • Hardware Sizing
  • Best Practices
  • Programming Monk, Java, C/C++, etc.
  • High availability and fail over architecture and implementation (scripts, etc.)

Upgrade and Migration Services

  • TRE to Java CAPS
  • DataGate to SRE
  • eGate 4.X to SRE
  • SRE to Java CAPS
  • ICAN to Java CAPS
  • Others ...

Packaged services

Implementation support

  • Escalations rising from the implementation
  • Proactive Go-live analysis (health check)
  • Post Go-live support

Technology Assessments (Proof of concepts)


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