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Service Description

When your organization's needs expand, you may find that you want to take advantage of the larger part of the product suite. For instance, you may be already taking advantage of eGate and eInsight for your integration and SOA requirements and need to implement a 360 view of your customers and as such need to assess MDM. Given our team's expertise in the entire product stack, we can quickly and more efficiently demonstrate how a layered product can address your needs.

Engagement Model and Length

A technology assessment can usually be done in 1 week. However, upon review of your requirements, we may need to adjust the length of engagement.

Customer Resource commitment and minimum Information required to start

The customer resource commitment may be depending on the type of assessment required. This commitment may range from minimally providing the assessment and selection criteria. If the assessment is to be done on location, then access to personal, hardware, third-party licensed software, network and data may be required.


The details of the deliverable are primarily driven by the type of assessment. A generic assessment will have minimally a chart of features and functions compared. However, a more meaningful assessment is usually provided when the detailed requirement and selection criteria is known up front. This will allow us to provide a balanced view, one, which will help you make the appropriate decision for your business.


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