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Service Description

This service is offered in two forms: (a) Pre-packaged training of advanced material around ESB, SOA, B2B, MDM, MoM, EAI or (b) custom enablement package designed specifically for your organization's needs. Often, this customer designed enablement package is triggered from an architectural review or other form of assessments.

Engagement Model and Length

Pre-packaged enablement: You pick the package (call us for more details), arrange for availability and we schedule the enablement.

Customer enablement: An assessment is done (usually 1-2 days). We then inform you when the enablement can be delivered and we schedule accordingly.

Customer Resource commitment and minimum Information required to start

If customer requires the enablement to be delivered on a location of their choosing, then all training hardware, adequate training facility and tools should be provided.


Pre-packaged training: The assessment would simply be checking prerequisites. The deliverable would be normal course material ranging from presentations to exercises and some handy tools.
Custom enablement package: we spend 2 hours initially to get the customer’s high level requirements. We would then propose a custom course within 1-2 weeks and ensure it meets your requirements. Depending on the complexity and length of engagement (and the customer’s resource commitment), we will provide an initial estimate on when the course material would be ready to review. We would, close to the completion of the material, finalize our engagement date and resource requirements. Resource requirements will depend on the location where the enablement will takes place. Since the enablement often include applying the material to a current project of yours, we highly recommend the enablement occurs on site at your premises.


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