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Service Description

The implementation support service provides your technical staff with experts who assist with addressing issues within your deployed project. Often, implementations have issues which are not discovered during the pre-production cycle. These issues may initially appear as product defects. However, we often discover that customer's implementation may have introduced or exposed an issue which can be fixed without a product patch.

Engagement Model and Length

We have 2 models: per-incident (charged hourly) or subscription based. Please contact our engagement specialist and we'll design a engagement model to fit your needs. Neither of these options covers onsite support. Onsite implementation support is a custom service that needs to be tailored at the time of need. The customer has the right to stop the activity at anytime.

Customer Resource commitment and minimum Information required to start

Similar to any critical situation or escalation requiring attention, the customer needs to ensure the technical staff is available to answer questions or make required data, projects, log files, expected results available for analysis towards timely resolution. We understand requirements around security and will work with your staff to get secure access to your environment. Generally, direct access to systems will allow for the most expeditious resolutions.


This will depend on the issue raised and additional issues we uncover. In most cases we will either fix the code in the implementation or show your technical staff how to do it. On occasion, we find that we need to create a set of best practices for you to avoid future problem. Ideally, you want to engage Corner Grove before you have production problems. Therefore, we minimally recommend our Go-Live analysis and pre-production support services.


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