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Service Description

In order to keep up to date with the more recent technologies and to future proof your environment, we recommend timely upgrades to the latest stable releases of your product suite. It is often challenging to convince management to upgrade or migrate a perfectly working environment. Therefore, the use of this service will depend on the immediate and future needs of your business. Our team of experienced consultants will work with your team to assess the best course of action (which will include a timeline and risk analysis).

Engagement Model and Length

The analysis and recommendation phase is usually a 1-week fixed package. Upon review of the assessment, we can work towards your modernization requirements and this will depend on the form of engagement you want to employ. We can minimally perform the architectural design and allow your team (under our minimal supervision) to proceed with the implementation. Alternatively, you can employ our services to deliver the entire modernization project.

Customer Resource commitment and minimum Information required to start

As with any sizable modernization project, availability to architectural documents, data, design, business needs and requirements, SLAs, performance, cost consideration, access to your technical staff, licensed software and environments are necessary.


The deliverable from the 1-week engagement is a document that explains our findings and recommendations. You have the choice to use our expert architectural and implementation services as part of the modernization service.


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