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Service Description

The performance analysis and tuning service is designed to help you identify bottlenecks and address them in a variety of ways. The approach will depend on the SLA and performance requirements.

Engagement Model and Length

An initial assessment can generally be done in 1 week (4 days). The engagement consists of discovery, analysis and recommendation. During discovery, we may immediately assess if a longer engagement is required. Discovery minimally requires information on your SLAs and performance requirements.

Customer Resource commitment and minimum Information required to start

To ensure timely and cost-effective analysis and assessment, access to architectural documents, SLA and performance requirements, business needs driving those requirements, Hardware and Software inventory and requirements and finally access to the technical staff responsible for the deployment is needed. We apply a simple checklist to ensure that the analysis can be started.


Typically a comprehensive document is delivered consisting of the initial information provided, steps taken to analyze, the assessment(s) and recommended next step(s). If the task is to change a hand full of tuning parameters, that recommendation will be provided in the delivered document. However, if a re-architecture or partial reimplementation is required, we would need to engage via a separate “architecture review” service. This would be the customer's choice to engage us for further services.

Typical results

What you can expect: you will minimally understand where the problems are and what gain may be achieved by certain changes. You will learn if your requirements are achievable within the resource requirements (h/w, s/w, architectural constraints, etc...). Often we recommend that we create a best practices document for your environment that can be used for future projects.



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